Strength Enhancing and Water-Repellent Admixture

Product Description

TERAPAVE® is a liquid admixture added to the concrete during the batching process. It provides workability, increased strengths, tight surface texture and water-repellency thereby minimizing the potential for efflorescence in pavers, tile and other low slump concrete products.

Product Uses

TERAPAVE is recommended for use in the production of pavers, tiles, curbs and other products where water-repellency, quality, increased strengths, enhanced production and the resulting surface texture are important.

Product Advantages

  • Reduced Water Absorption
  • Admixture for Low Slump Concrete
  • 15-30% Strength Increase
  • Faster Cycling Time
  • Reduced Efflorescence
  • Cost Effective
  • Smoother, Denser Surface
  • Reduced Cracking
  • Increased Plasticity in the Mix
  • Sharper Corners and Edges
  • Uniform Texture
  • Fewer Culls
  • Reduced Shrinkage

How it Works

TERAPAVE is designed to improve water-repellency and reduce the efflorescence tendency in concrete masonry units. TERAPAVE works in zero or low slump concrete mixes which are characteristically dry, containing only sufficient water for the hydration of the cement.

TERAPAVE compensates for the water deficiency in such mixes and improves the workability of the mix. TERAPAVE provides more complete hydration of the cement, and consequently gives greater strength to the end product. Depending upon the mix design, addition of TERAPAVE can increase the compressive strength of the CMU by up to 30% at the same cement content.

TERAPAVE allows for better compaction of the unit, with less cracking, sharper corners and edges, resulting in fewer culls. Production can be increased, shrinkage and absorption reduced, and appearance and texture greatly improved.

TERAPAVE reduces the penetration of water into the CMU and diminishes the potential for efflorescence.

    Application Information

    Addition Rates:

    TERAPAVE is used at a rate of 4 to 10 fl oz/100 lbs of cement, plus an additional 1 to 2 fl oz/100 lbs of fly ash, silica fume or other pozzolans in the mix. TERAPAVE should be added separately to the mix for best results. Consult your GCP representative for information on addition rate for your particular application.

    Dispensing Equipment:

    A complete line of GCP dispensing equipment is available for TERAPAVE.



    TERAPAVE is available in drums and returnable totes.


    TERAPAVE must be protected from freezing.

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