ELIMINATOR® bridge deck waterproofing solution

Extending the life of road and railway bridges

Bridges are vulnerable, subject to attack by water, chloride and frost attack, leading to deterioration and issues with structural integrity. The installation of an effective waterproofing membrane is therefore an essential part of any bridge building or refurbishment program.

ELIMINATOR® waterproofing is a pioneering cold, spray-applied solution that can outlast the structure— reducing maintenance costs as well as traffic disruptions from maintenance work.

Its ease of detailing enables the ELIMINATOR® waterproofing membrane to accommodate applications in a variety of challenging climates. The system features a range of innovative bond coats that ensure all types of surfaces stay where they are intended—on the deck. This durable, rapid-cure system forms a flexible, chemically resistant, and seamless waterproof membrane with no vulnerable joints.


Product Advantages

  • Applies fast with industry standard equipment, no need for hot trades
  • Onsite quality control to ensure the integrity of the membrane
  • Requires minimal surface preparation
  • Provides effective sealing of complex, critical details and penetrations
  • Two contrasting color coat system allows immediate visual quality assurance that a seamless membrane has been applied
  • No critical overcoating time allows phasing of work, enabling greater scheduling flexibility