Aide à la conception : béton structurel et architectural

GCP manufactures a wide variety of concrete admixtures and fibers to meet design and construction requirements.

Corrosion inhibitors cost-effectively protect reinforcement in areas su​ch as parking garages. Cracking and shrinkage in deck toppings are mitigated through the use of synthetic macro-fibers and shrinkage-reducing admixtures. Integral color, surface retarders, and high-range water reducers are combined to create architectural precast panels and precast/prestressed elements.

To produce consistent quality concrete, every step of the process must be monitored and controlled. VERIFI® is a patented concrete management system providing sophisticated, automated process monitoring and control during transit from the ready-mix plant to the jobsite. VERIFI® offers a new level of concrete quality control by enabling monitoring of critical concrete properties and automated addition of water or admixtures to maintain optimum concrete slump control and minimum concrete variability.

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