PREPRUFE® 800PA Post-Applied Waterproofing Membrane

A high performance, fully-adhered, post-applied waterproofing system for critical below grade applications

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The PREPRUFE® 800PA post-applied waterproofing membrane works with the PREPRUFE® pre-applied membranes to create a complete, fully integrated system for below-grade waterproofing.


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PREPRUFE® 800PA Post-Applied Membrane Data Sheet

PREPRUFE® 800PA is a cold-applied, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, composed of a reinforced cross-laminated HDPE film, and a synthetic non-bituminous adhesive. PREPRUFE® 800PA incorporates the PREPRUFE® Advanced Bond Technology™.

Key Benefits
  • Non-bituminous
  • Adhesion
  • Productivity
  • Fully bonded
  • Elastomeric
  • Superior performance
  • Water and vapor barrier
  • Gas resistant
Application Type
  • Basement walls of all basement grades to BS 8102: 2009
  • Below-ground car parks
  • Underground RC reservoirs and tanks
  • Industrial plants
  • Radon and methane gas protection
  • Protection from water, damp and gas of critical substructures

Specially formulated synthetic adhesive

The non-asphaltic material was developed using PREPRUFE® membrane’s specially formulated synthetic adhesive. PREPRUFE® 800PA waterproofing aggressively adheres to substrates and to itself, creating a watertight bonded seal tested to withstand over 200 feet of hydrostatic pressure. This works to virtually eliminate any potential lateral water migration and to prevent water tracking between the membrane and the substrate. The PREPRUFE® 800PA product is also available in low temperature formulation, which provides application flexibility.

Superior protection

Utilizing a resilient, multi-layered film, the membrane provides superior protection against punctures. Its elastomeric properties accommodate minor structural movements and bridge concrete shrinkage cracks, reducing the risk of water intrusion and enhancing long-term structural durability. The 4-foot wide roll works to advance application efficiency, while significantly reducing the number of critical laps. 


The PREPRUFE® 800PA membrane helps contribute to methane, carbon dioxide and gas protection. Formulated to eliminate the use of known toxins, PREPRUFE® 800PA is free of any Red List materials or chemicals. 

Key benefits 

  • Post-applied, self-adhered waterproofing protection optimized for critical, below ground applications
  • Creates a watertight seal, especially when installed with PREPRUFE® 300R Plus or PREPRUFE® 160R Plus pre-applied membranes, to form a complete, below grade waterproofing system
  • Fully bonded to reduce water migration between the membrane and the substrate
  • Synthetic, non-asphaltic adhesive for aggressive adhesion and peel resistance 
  • Wider membrane to reduce the number of critical laps and shorten installation time
  • Durable, multi-layer high-density polyethylene membrane for increased tensile strength and puncture resistance
  • Gas resistance to protect against methane, carbon dioxide and radon gas 
  • Cold applied, reducing the need for special equipment, tools or hot work permits
  • Global track record on below grade structures in critical applications
  • Light-colored membrane with contrasting black layer film highlights any involuntary damage to the membrane 
  • Made with Red List Free materials – meets the criteria for Living Building Challenge (LBC)