VIDEO: STRUX® Macro-Fibers Provide Superior Post-Crack Control

The need for synthetic macro fibers in concrete reinforcement came from customers, GCP Applied Technologies Director of Concrete Research Dr. Alex Reider said. Customers wanted the toughness of steel fibers, but without any of the disadvantages like corrosion.

Advantages to STRUX® macro fibers:

  • Faster and safer construction
  • Lightweight reinforcement
  • Superior crack control
  • Non-corroding
  • Enhanced durability

Post-cracking capacity

"The main weakness of concrete is its brittlenesss," Dr. Reider said. "It's very strong in compression, but once it cracks, you've lost everything. Concrete's like glass—very strong until the point of fracture. Then, you have two pieces."

Not so when STRUX® are added to the mix. After concrete cracks, the structure maintains because the macro fibers bridge that crack.

STRUX® lightweight macro fibers, which are more durable and more efficient than steel alternatives, provide superior post-crack control. Even after a fracture, the concrete structure can still bear some load.

STRUX® macro synthetic fibers are a key component of the TYTRO® Shotcrete System.

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