INTEGRITANK® waterproofing system

Protecting critical infrastructure

Developed by Stirling Lloyd (now GCP Applied Technologies), the INTEGRITANK® system is a fully reactive elastomeric system based on ESSELAC®, a unique advanced resin technology. Developed to provide a tough, durable and fully bonded protective membrane that is resistant to backfill, hydrostatic pressure and long-term immersion in water.



The introduction of the INTEGRITANK® system transformed the application and performance expectations of waterproofing. The cold, spray applied membrane can follow any contour with no joints, making simple work of complex detailing. Its fast application and cure means less time spent onsite, which is crucial for time sensitive projects.

The application of two separate color-coded coats aids in onsite quality assurance to provide a seamless waterproof barrier. The INTEGRITANK® membrane can be electrically tested to ensure the protective layer is free from defects and its fully bonded nature means that water does not track behind the membrane, creating a straightforward solution to leak detection and repair.

The INTEGRITANK® system for roofs, decks and balcony waterproofing

A structural waterproofing solution for projects where quality cannot be compromised

All structures are exposed to the elements both above and below ground, making them susceptible to corrosion and water ingress. Therefore, it is crucial that a protective coating is applied in order to maintain integrity without compromising structural lifespan.

Used on a variety of major construction projects around the world, including, roofing, basement roofs and podium decks, the INTEGRITANK® system provides a simple solution to the various challenges of waterproofing within the building envelope.

Product Advantages:

  • Tough, fully bonded system for long-term protection
  • A seamless, liquid applied system
  • Simple and effective sealing of complex, critical details and penetrations
  • Cures rapidly, enabling the system to be trafficked after one hour
  • UV resistant (Can be left permanently exposed)
  • Applied in two separate color-coded coats, aiding onsite quality assurance.
  • No protection boards or root barrier required

The INTEGRITANK® waterproofing solution for protecting tunnels and shafts

Extending the life of all types of tunnels

Specialty solutions for harsh environments

Waterproofing tunnels has long been a challenging concept. Being under constant pressure and at risk of water ingress means even the smallest defect in a waterproofing system will cause major issues. The INTEGRITANK® system has been developed to overcome the unique challenges associated with different types of tunnels, from immersed tube and cut and cover to bored tunnels and shafts.

The INTEGRITANK® system has a notable global track record, from protecting the Coatzacoalcos tunnel, a major immersed tube tunnel in the high temperatures of Mexico, to safeguarding the Croydon Cable Tunnel in the UK against harsh winter conditions.

Product Advantages

  • Eliminates the need for complex equipment and hot works permits
  • Spray application follows contours and complex details with ease
  • Fast curing and can be applied in a range of temperatures
  • Can be applied onto “green” (seven-day-old concrete) or after 24 hours onto accelerated sprayed concrete where the concrete cohesive strength is sufficiently developed
  • Durable and resistant to protect for the long term