Providing mission-critical waterproofing

Many structures need to be waterproofed to protect against deterioration, but what if you have a building that needs to be kept very dry? How do you safeguard critical property and assets from water infiltration? Here’s how three organizations tackled this challenge.

Challenges Solution Value

Newcastle Hospital set out to renovate and expand its space, including a new acute care unit and a large parking garage. The project specified waterproofing of basement areas to BS 8102 Grade 1 and 3, with membranes suitable for application on basement walls and below grade slabs. 


The building design was complicated by expansion joints, which are always high-risk areas below ground.

PREPRUFE® 300R waterproofing


BITUTHENE® 3000 waterproofing  

Designed for critical applications, PREPRUFE®  300R offers below grade  protection against water and gas infiltration while BITUTHENE® 3000 offers waterproofing protection for basements and substructures.


Both solutions are easy to apply, with no need for specialized equipment. 

McCarran International Airport built an underground tunnel to connect two terminals. Since aircrafts would be parking directly above the train station and the tunnel, it was essential that the waterproofing system withstand water as well as hydrocarbons that may leak from the ramp. 


The materials specified provided trouble-free resistance to hydrostatic pressure from the groundwater.

PREPRUFE®  waterproofing


BITUTHENE® waterproofing 

PREPRUFE® forms a permanent, seamless seal against water, unlike conventional non-adhering membranes, which cannot prevent water ingress between the membrane and the concrete structure.


The high tensile strength of PREPRUFE® also withstands the stress of ground settlement. 

Estonia National Museum needed to ensure its six-meter-deep basement remained dry and that they kept the priceless artifacts at a consistent temperature and relative humidity.


Built on the site of a former Soviet military base, the building is subjected to four to five meters of hydrostatic water pressure. It also has many penetration points from reinforcement bars and pipes.



Designed with unique technology that aggressively adheres to concrete, PREPRUFE® waterproofing forms a unique, intimate seal that prevents any water migration between the waterproofing and the structure, reducing the risk of leaks and improving sustainability.


Utilizing an advanced acrylic surface coating, the PREPRUFE® membrane also simplified the installation process by removing multiple layers and complicated detailing.


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