ADCOR® Hydrophilic Waterstop

Advanced hydrophilic waterstop prevents infiltration.

A cold joint is where a fresh batch of concrete meets one that has already been cured. It’s hard for uncured concrete to form a seal with a block that’s been cured already. Therefore, a cold joint is the area where cracks are more likely to form, followed by water infiltration. For below-grade construction, waterstops represent a safe, commonsense approach to preventing water infiltration through seams in concrete.


ADCOR® Product Documents

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ADCOR® 500T Product Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet
ADCOR® ES Product Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet
ADCOR® SAS 500S Product Data Sheet
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ADCOR® ES Hydrophilic Waterstops Guide Specification
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ADCOR® 500T is a unique product that has been specifically developed to provide higher performance than conventional bentonite or swellable rubber waterstops.

Key Benefits
  • Controlled volumetric expansion
  • Conformable
  • Retains cohesive strength at both original and expanded volume.
  • No need for protective steel mesh.
Application Type
  • Horizontal and vertical construction joints
  • Casting new concrete against existing
  • Floor slabs cast against diaphragm retaining walls, steel sheet piles and secant pile walls
ADCOR® ES is a specially engineered, swellable, conformable synthetic waterstop strip that expands when in contact with water. The engineered swell design of ADCOR ES minimizes the potential for concrete spalling and cracking versus traditional hydrophilic waterstops.
Key Benefits
Controlled, reproducible, volumetric expansion Cohesive strength maintained after volumetric expansion and during wet-dry cycling Malleable and plastic
Application Type
Joints de construction horizontaux et verticaux dans des structures en béton Nouveau coulage sur béton existant Percée de conduite dans les planchers et les parois

Why use ADCOR®?

ADCOR® represents an advanced hydrophilic waterstop that’s compatible with all of GCP’s industry-leading waterproofing membranes. While waterproofing membranes prevent water migration from beneath the slab, waterstops prevent migration from inside the cold joint. Using both together represents the safest approach to keeping water out of below grade construction.

Advanced waterstop features

ADCOR® waterstops don’t just reduce the likelihood of water infiltration — it creates a better connection between the two surfaces of a cold joint. When fully enclosed by poured concrete, ADCOR® swells, filling gaps and reducing the chance of concrete spalling or cracking. When placed in contact with water, ADCOR® swells even more, preventing water infiltration.

Beats other waterstop products

  • Conforms to a large variety of concrete surfaces
  • Expands only when needed—no need for replacement due to premature expansion
  • Doesn’t weaken during or after expansion
  • Simple jointing
  • Doesn’t require steel mesh
  • Retains strength after multiple wet-dry expansions
  • Contains no sodium bentonite

Works with category-creating products from GCP

Don’t think of ADCOR® as just another waterstop product. Think of it as part of a complete waterproofing system that includes waterproofing membranes, drainage boards, and more. ADCOR® outperforms other waterstop products on its own—and ADCOR® is also one of the only waterstop systems that is compatible with GCP’s category-defining waterproofing products.

Product Warranty

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