Atalanta Sports Stadium Uses Full Waterproofing Solution

Preprufe® and Bituthene® membranes waterproof Italian sports center.
Bortolotti Centre
Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio S.p.A
Edile MI.RI S.r.l – Ghisalba (BG)
Structural design
Dr. Eng. Mario Zamboni (BG)
Architectural design
Arch. Rino Cattaneo – Verdellino (BG)
Site Manager
Geom. Silvano Righentini
IRIDE S.r.l Misano Gera d’Adda (BG)
Area Technical Manager
Geom. Roberto fortune (Agent WR Grace S.p.A)
GCP Solutions
Preprufe® pre-applied waterproofing, Bituthene® waterproofing, Hydroduct® drainage

Bortolotti Centre

Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio S.p.A. gives a new pulse to the activities of the Bortolotti Centre. This project included improving the shape of the center, rebuilding the existing buildings, and building new sports and management facilities.

The sports center is located next to Ciserano and Verdellino, found in the Zingonia region, at the center of the low Bergamasca plain, halfway between Bergamo and Treviglio. Inside, one part of the building was dedicated to offices, one part to locker rooms, a gymnasium, a sauna, and shops, and a third to a reception area with a cafeteria and relaxation rooms.

The stadium construction project covers a large area of over 2,800 m2, of which 1,400 m2 is underground and the remaining 1,400 m2 on three above ground floors, giving 4,970 m3 underground and 4,300 m3 above ground.

"The basement area was intended for dedicated spaces requiring a dry and healthy environment; requiring an effective waterproofing system resistant to water and moisture was essential."

High water table requires careful planning

Stadium construction was centered in an area where the level of the water table was high, which involved both careful planning and organization of the site. Water with a high-variable degree of hardness - and also containing salts and other particularly aggressive chemical products - may come in contact with stadium construction; this requires the use of an advanced waterproofing system.

The spatial division of the structure is highly-complex and articulated. The basement was intended for “dedicated” spaces in which a dry and healthy environment was essential. This included medical rooms, changing rooms, gymnasium, kitchens, cafeteria, bar, pantry, offices, the print room and meeting rooms. This extensive use of the basement was made possible by using a stable and effective waterproofing system resistant to water, and humidity.


A complete waterproofing solution

A complete waterproofing system comprised of Preprufe® pre-applied membrane, Bituthene® self-adhesive membrane and Hydroduct® 200 drainage composite was chosen to protect this stadium.

Preprufe® membrane consists of a robust high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film which is impermeable to water, water vapor and gas and a proprietary adhesive that bonds to the concrete.  Preprufe® not only protects but becomes an integral part of the structure. This sealing prevents the migration of water and moisture at the membrane and concrete interface, thereby eliminating possible infiltration of water into the structure.

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Last Updated: 2018-12-12