TL-0004 — Chemical Resistance Technical Letter

Several series of tests have been conducted to define the chemical resistance of PREPRUFE® and BITUTHENE® waterproofing membranes. Both PREPRUFE® and BITUTHENE® membranes are highly resistant to normal ground water conditions which range from alkaline to acidic. In addition, PREPRUFE® and BITUTHENE® waterproofing membranes are unaffected by exposure to salt water.

Occasionally PREPRUFE® and BITUTHENE® membranes may be used in applications which will be subjected to intermittent or even continuous exposure to chemicals. The following guidelines can be used to evaluate the applicability of the PREPRUFE® and BITUTHENE® membrane system.

NOTE: Most solvents and fuels will not significantly a?ect polyethylene film but may soften or dissolve the adhesive compounds exposed at the edge laps of BITUTHENE® membranes. Detailed information on the type of exposure is necessary to make recommendations.

For below slab and blind side applications, a concrete mud-slab or continuous soil retention system will reduce the exposure of the PREPRUFE® membrane laps. For BITUTHENE® membrane wall
applications, the use of a solvent resistant tape, should be used over the membrane edges to protect the rubberized asphalt from prolonged exposure.

Exposure Conditions PREPRUFE® and BITUTHENE® Membrane Resistance Rating
Sea water, de-icing salt Excellent
Acids in solution
e.g. sulfuric, acetic, hydrochloric and nitric acid
e.g. Sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide
Alcohols Very Good
Organic or fuel oils, solvents Variable (See note.) | North America customer service: 1-877-4AD-MIX (1-877-423-6491)

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Last Updated: 2023-06-29