FIREBOND® Concentrate

Bonding agent

Product Description

FIREBOND® is an Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) classified bonding agent approved for use with any of the fire protection products manufactured by GCP Applied Technologies. FIREBOND® is water based, nonflammable and ready to use. FIREBOND® is classified for use with GCP fire protection products in accordance with ASTM E119 and E84 and listed in the UL Fire Resistance Directory, category CBUI encapsulants.


FIREBOND® may be used as a bonding agent or surface sealer for the following applications:

  1. As a bonding agent over polystyrene or urethane foam insulation prior to application of MONOKOTE® Z-3306 Thermal Barrier.
  2. As a bonding agent over primed/painted structural steel (columns and beams)1 prior to application of MONOKOTE® MK-6 /HY , MK-6/HY ES™, MK-6s, MK-6/GF, MK-10/HB, MK-10/HB ES, MK-1000/HB, MK-1000/HB ES, Z-106, Z-106/HY, Z-106/G, Z-146, Z-156 and RETRO- GUARD® RG.2
  3. As a bonding agent over concrete floor and/or roof units (including slab, panjoist, hollow-core or precast plank or TEE units) prior to application of the products listed in item 2.
  4. As a surface sealer (where specified) over any of the above products. Coverage rate requirements will vary based on the project requirements.Where specified, a surface sealer shall be installed in one or more coats in such a manner that the sealer does not saturate the fire protection product. The fire protection product shall be substantially dry prior to sealer application.

Technical Support

Refer to GCP Applied Technologies product literature to determine acceptability of fire protection products for the intended use.

Any inquiry related to products manufactured by GCP Applied Technologies should be addressed to:

GCP Applied Technologies
2325 Lakeview Parkway Suite 450
Alpharetta, GA 30009

or call toll free: 866-333-3SBM (3726)
Customer Service Center

Physical Properties

Volatile Water
Actual VOC content 14.3 ± 10 g/L
Average particle size 0.2 microns
Flash point  Noncombustible (water-based)
Odor Similar to latex house paint
Shelf life at 78 °F 36 months minimum, (in originally factory sealed containers)
Weight per gallon at 78 °F 8.8 lbs
Dry time at 78 °F To touch:  1–2 hours Additional coats: (when dry)
Fire rating ASTM E84 Class “A”
Flame spread 5
Smoke developed 5

Product Application

FIREBOND® can be applied with most major brands of airless latex paint spray equipment. FIREBOND® may also be applied with a common garden sprayer, paint brush or roller.


FIREBOND® at full concentrated strength— up to 1000 ft2/gal FIREBOND® diluted 1:1 (with water)— up to 500 ft2/gal

Clean Up

Clean tools and drippings with warm soapy water before FIREBOND® dries.

FIREBOND® is manufactured by Fiberlock Technologies Inc. for GCP Applied Technologies. Any inquiry related to products manufactured by Fiberlock Technologies, Inc., should be addressed to:

Fiberlock Technologies, Inc. 
150 Dascomb Road 
Andover, MA 01810 

or call toll free: 800-FIBERLK

GCP provides technical support for all of its products. The Fiberlock Technologies, Inc. SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for FIREBOND® are available at our web site,


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