Saint Joseph Medical Center Maximizes Safety and Efficiency

Using STRUX® 90/40 macro fibers saves time and money for hospital project
The Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center
Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center
General Contractor
Mortenson/Tonn & Blank
Concrete Contractor
Christman Constructors, Inc.
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STRUXⓇ 90/40 macro fibers

Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center

A new, world-class hospital builds in quality from the ground up. With its bold design rising above the New Edison Lakes Medical Campus in Indiana, the Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center is designed to maximize patient safety and operational efficiencies for a commercial building. Safety and efficiency were top-of-mind in the facility’s innovative construction, starting from the ground up with each of the hospital’s seven steel decks.

"Using STRUX®, we eliminated the safety concerns of working with wire mesh and saved over 500 man hours on the job. It’s an excellent product. I can’t say enough about it."

Phil Butterfield, Christman Constructors

Time, cost and safety concerns

“Welded wire reinforcement is never in the right spot,” said Andrew Gayer of HOK, the project’s engineer. “People step on it, it moves, it doesn’t do what it’s really intended to do.” There are many time, cost and safety concerns associated with welded wire mesh reinforcement for commercial buildings.

That’s why rather than traditional concrete deck construction using welded wire mesh, Gayer specified STRUX® 90/40 synthetic macro fibers. STRUX® not only met the specification values of commercial building construction, but also was the first approved synthetic macro fiber reinforcement that met the 2-hour UL listing requirement for steel decks.

“Using fibers is safer and eliminates the slips and trips caused by wire mesh,” said Joel Gonzales of Mortenson/Tonn & Blank. 

"Welded wire reinforcement is never in the right spot. People step on it, it moves, it doesn’t do what it’s really intended to do. There are many time, cost and safety concerns associated with welded wire mesh reinforcement for commercial buildings."

Andrew Gayer, HOK

Strux® macro fibers, an easy choice for composite decks

We worked closely with the general contractor, Mortenson/Tonn & Blank to design a mix utilizing STRUX® synthetic macro fibers for approximately 780,000 square feet of concrete including the hospital’s seven composite decks, topping slabs, and the basement’s slab on grade.

The STRUX® pumped easily with 300 cubic yard pours and ramped up to 600 cubic yard pours with the same size commercial building crew and pump. And the placement went smoothly observed Larry Riddle of Transit Mix, Inc. “While pumping up to seven floors, then horizontally up to 400 feet at 100 yards per hour, there was no balling or plugging,” Riddle explained.

From the commercial building safety advantages to the cost savings, the ease of placement, crack control and the smooth burnished finish, everyone was pleased with the performance of STRUX®. It’s a state-of-the-art floor for a new hospital that’s designing in quality — at every level.

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"I’ve used synthetic fibers before with great success, and when I learned STRUX® was UL approved for use on composite decks, it was an easy choice.  With STRUX® the fibers are uniformly dispersed, so you get a much better reinforcement matrix in the slab than wire can ever provide. STRUX® isn’t just a better product, but lower cost, too—a good example of value commercial building engineering really working."

Andrew Gayer, HOK | North America customer service: 1-877-4AD-MIX (1-877-423-6491)

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