Essential solutions for ready mix concrete

We make innovation concrete admixtures that enable you to meet the most challenging designs and performance requirements. Engineers choose our admixtures for concrete to build everything from the tallest skyscrapers to the largest infrastructure projects.

Our industry-leading admixtures include:

  • High-range water reducers and superplasticizers for stronger, more workable concrete

  • Mid- and low-range water reducers

  • Shrinkage reducers that protect against cracking

  • Products that add color or texture to concrete

Our specialty concrete products include:

  • Set accelerators and set retarders for use in all kinds of weather

  • Concrete admixtures to reduce cement agglomeration and improve flowability

  • Corrosion inhibitors

Finally, our VERIFI® In-transit Concrete Management System ensures concrete is always ready to pour within specification at the job site. It's the industry's only automated and intelligent complete system that monitors, measure and manages in-transit concrete to ensure consistent delivery of workable, high-performance ready mix concrete to the job.

Innovative materials to make exceptional precast concrete products

For decades, precast producers have counted on our vast portfolio of water reducers and superplasticizers to create strong, durable and resilient precast concrete products. Precasters also rely on our PIERI® in-form and surface retarders to make high-quality precast concrete with finishes that are beautiful and easy to maintain.

At the plant, our AIRtrac™ system allows precasters to measure and control air volume and temperature in real time. The technology lets producers adjust air without work stoppages. It also lowers costs by rejecting fewer batches for defects.

The industry's most comprehensive and advanced shotcrete system for underground construction

The TYTRO® shotcrete system is designed to help contractors and mining companies reduce operating costs while meeting the specs and safety requirements of the most complex tunneling and mining projects. TYTRO® products cover the full range of admixtures, including high-range water reducers, retarders, air entrainers, rheology modifers and set accelerators as well as high-performing proprietary structural synthetic fibers and an innovative nanotechnology-based rheology control agent.

Plus, the TYTRO® system speeds shotcrete placement to save time and money at the job site. TYTRO® solutions help contractors and mining companies make workable shotcrete with:

  • Faster early strength

  • Superior bonding to rock

  • Quicker thickness buildup
  • Minimum rebound