AIRtrac™ Real Time Air Control System

Minimize waste and boost precast productivity with AIRtrac™.

Air in concrete, whether entrained or entrapped, can be challenging to manage and lead to undesired results such as low strengths, out-of-spec concrete, bugholes and more. It's time to invest in a new precast technology that lets precasters enjoy consistency and productivity savings at unprecedented levels. Simply put, AIRtrac™ helps precasters get their mix right every time with minimal waste.


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AIRTRAC™ Air Control System for Precast Concrete
Product Data Sheet
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AIRTRAC™ Air Control System for Precast Concrete

AIRTRAC™ enables precasters to measure the total air content and temperature of concrete in real time, while mixing. With AIRTRAC™, precasters have insight into every batch, which allows for increased efficiency and overall process improvement.

Key Benefits
  • Reduces discarded/downgraded batches
  • Allows for process improvement (batching, mixing time, handling, etc.)
  • Provides for mix / material / weight optimization management
  • Real-time visibility to operations
Application Type
  • Stationary wall mixers (twin-shaft, planetary, pan, etc.)
  • SCC, Flowable Concrete, Conventional Concrete

Eliminate wasted time

Prior to AIRtrac™, the only way to determine the air content of plastic concrete was to perform manual tests after the concrete had been removed from the mixer. Manual testing adds time and doesn't provide real-time data.

What is AIRtrac™?

Formerly, if a batch turned out to be out of spec, there was no way to fix it, and no way to guarantee that the next batch wouldn't be out of spec as well.

With AIRtrac™, everything changes.

AIRtrac™ is a sensor that is installed in the mixer, similar to a Hydronixs probe for moisture measurements. AIRtrac™ measures the total air content and temperature of concrete, while it's mixing. Instead of waiting for results, you can know the moment that your concrete mix begins to go out of spec—and now, you can do something about it.

Gain higher throughput and lower costs

  • Precasters have greater control over their mixture, and can optimize their process.

  • Each batch will now pass ASTM air tests.

  • Minimize loss of productivity and cost of wasted materials.

Precasters can now control the concrete element producing process with unprecedented granularity while receiving a much higher throughput. Optimize your process, control costs, and minimize wasted material.