PIERI® Architectural Precast Portfolio

Creating and protecting architectural finishes through best-in-class products that reduce labor and risk.

The PIERI® Architectural Precast Portfolio includes high-quality products such as in-form surface retarders, release agents and finish protectors that provide beautiful, consistent, long-lasting architectural finishes. Other finishing techniques, such as sandblasting and acid-etching, are labor-intensive and hazardous and can produce inconsistent results. When you replace old finishing techniques with PIERI® Architectural Products, the result is a higher-quality finish that saves time and lasts longer.


PIERI® Product Documents

Product Name Product Data Sheet
PIERI® Aquarol TT-31 Product Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet
PIERI® Duro-Tard™ Surface Retarder Product Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet
PIERI® Euro-Tard™ In-form Retarder
Product Data Sheet
PIERI® Euro-Tard™ In-Form Retarder Product Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet
PIERI® FACE-OFF™ Surface Protectant Product Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet
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  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Key Benefits
  • Applications Type
PIERI® Aquarol TT-31
PIERI® Aquarol TT-31 est une suspension de lubrifiants 100 % synthétiques dans l'eau. Il permet un décoffrage de bétons préfabriqués dans les conditions les plus avantageuses du point de vue technique, qu’ils soient étuvés ou non.
Key Benefits
écologique Qualités du démoulage Peu travail de finition requis
Application Type
A release agent for precast concrete poured in synthetic molds: paving slabs, architectural panels, decorative concrete and hardscape products
PIERI® Duro-Tard™ Surface Retarder
PIERI® Duro-Tard™ is an in-form surface retarder for the most difficult of applications having a placement time of up to 90+ minutes. Abrasion resistance for vertical pours up to 12 feet. Heat resistance up to 150°F (65°C), a coverage rate 250-300 ft2/gal (6.1-7.4 m2/L).
Key Benefits
Application Type
Architectural precast High vertical poured-in-place concrete (e.g. bridge work). Steel, concrete or plywood forms 
PIERI® Euro-Tard™ In-form Retarder

PIERI® Euro-Tard™ is a one-step, general-purpose in-form retarder with excellent heat resistance. No mold release required, single coat application. Available in 11 depths of etch, color and number coded. A test panel simulating job conditions should be poured for proper grade selection.

Key Benefits
  • One coat, fast drying
  • High heat resistance
  • Excellent etch retention
  • High coverage rates, low cost per ft2
Application Type
  • Architectural precast
  • High vertical poured-in-place concrete (e.g. bridge work).
  • Steel, concrete or plywood forms
PIERI® FACE-OFF™ surface protectant
PIERI® FACE-OFF™ is an innovative surface protectant designed to keep splatter, color, cementitious toppings, cures and retarder overspray from adhering to the surfaces surrounding a concrete placing and finishing operation. It replaces the need for costly plastic barriers, which otherwise need to be taped in place, while being compatible with many surfaces including but certainly not limited to masonry, stone and concrete.
Key Benefits
Eliminate the adherence of grout or concrete Reduce potential damage to the grout joints Water-soluble
Application Type
Face of brick or tile prior to being placed in the form

More consistent finish, less labor

Architectural precast typically receives some form of processing treatment such as sandblasting or acid-etching it in order to achieve a desired finish. PIERI® in-form surface retarders provide better options to accomplish these. Precasters can create multiple etch depths, including very light acid-etch or sandblast finishes within a single piece, and simply power wash off the next day. This provides a more consistent finish and eliminates the danger from acid-etching and sandblasting.

Protect finishes from yard transit and site staining

Precast concrete can take a lot of abuse, but its finish can't. Conditions in the yard, during shipping or on-site can stain and discolor finishes that then require expensive rework. For these circumstances, PIERI® Finish Protectors provide stable, long-lasting finish protection. These acrylic-based products are able to be applied on damp and freshly demolded precast and do not alter the color or finish.

Demold beauty, every time

Bugholes are an unsightly, and often unacceptable, surface defect that can require rework, wasting time and money. The PIERI® product portfolio includes innovative form release agents and coatings that allow for better-looking finishes. These products are available for wood, steel and even polyurethane formliners.

Reduce bugholes and rework, replace sandblasting and acid-etching, and protect finishes from staining and discoloration. The PIERI® Architectural Precast Portfolio lets precasters do all these things and more.

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