Need to mix or place strong flooring concrete that resists cracking, corrosion and other defects? It's all covered when you use our advanced concrete admixtures and fibers. Our concrete materials also help reduce costs at the plant and the job site.

For over 50 years, concrete producers and installers have used our products to make high-performance concrete, including: 

  • STRUX® products, such as STRUX® 90/40, distribute synthetic macro reinforcement equally throughout the concrete matrix. The results are corrosion- and crack-resistant concrete without the handling difficulties associated with steel fibers. STRUX® saves material costs, too, by achieving the same strength in thinner slabs.
  • ECLIPSE® liquid admixtures decrease shrinking, cracking and curling. At the same time, they increase durability, lower maintenance costs and extend structural service life. Use ECLIPSE® products for all kinds of flooring concrete: indoors or outdoors, on-grade or above-grade.
  • Used in mix designs with our ADVA® high-range water reducers, STRUX® and ECLIPSE® materials also enable faster placement of concrete and the extension of joints.