Admixture solutions for hardscapes and architectural block

Most hardscape producers battle efflorescence on a daily basis. Our OPTEC® line of admixtures control all types of efflorescence. At the same time, they also help improve color intensity and physical properties. With OPTEC®, the end product is strong and durable and repels water. And, of course, all OPTEC® admixtures make concrete highly workable to lower production cycle times.

A complete system for the production of high-performance, architectural concrete masonry

The DRY-BLOCK® System has been successfully used in thousands of concrete masonry structures to provide unsurpassed moisture control. It is the most widely specified integral water repellent system on the market to address moisture penetration of CMU (concrete masonry units) and mortar.

The DRY-BLOCK® System consists of two separate admixtures:

  • DRY-BLOCK® Block Admixture is mixed throughout the concrete during manufacture of the CMU.
  • DRY-BLOCK® Mortar Admixture is added to the mortar. During the curing process, the admixtures within the CMU and mortar become an integral part of the cement matrix.

They become locked into the CMU and mortar, providing long-lasting resistance to water penetration.

The complete range of solutions for high-volume producers of dry-cast concrete

Do you make architectural CMUs? Hardscape products? Whatever the case, we have a number of admixtures to help produce high-quality, durable concrete products. Our QUANTEC® line provides admixtures to improve machinability and plasticity. They also promote greater compaction for higher concrete density and compressive strength.

The Blue360sm Field Advantage: helping masonry producers boost productivity and quality

Our Blue360sm Field Advantage experts are at your service to solve production challenges. Whether you're concerned about a quality issue or need to expand your product lines to meet your customers' needs, we're here to help.

Our field technical services include:

  • On-site product trials and testing

  • Plant process improvements

  • Certification training for DRY-BLOCK® System producers

  • On-site and remote technical support and troubleshooting

Blue360sm Field Advantage: Our team is your team.