ECLIPSE® Concrete Shrinkage-Reducing Admixtures

Get crack-free structures with ECLIPSE®.

Shrinkage and curling concrete is the result of changes to the moisture of the concrete during the drying process. A balance between the design mix and drying process is needed to produce durable, high strength and crack resistant concrete.

ECLIPSE®  is a liquid admixture that dramatically reduces drying shrinkage and the potential for cracking and curling in full or partially restrained concrete flooring and paving. ECLIPSE® products reduce the surface tension of pore water.  Indoors or outdoors, on-grade or above, ECLIPSE® shuts down shrinking, cracks and curling while increasing durability, lowering maintenance costs and extending structure service life.  Leading the innovation in this area since 1997, GCP continues to invest to bring new solutions for crack reduction in concrete.


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ECLIPSE® Floor 200
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ECLIPSE® 4500 is a liquid admixture for concrete that dramatically reduces drying shrinkage and the potential for drying shrinkage-induced cracking and curling.

Key Benefits
  • Reduces drying shrinkage up to 80% at 28 days and 50% at 1 year and beyond
  • Enables normal performance of air-entraining admixtures
  • Reduces the potential of cracking due to drying shrinkage in full or partially restrained concrete
  • Reduces curling
  • Improves durability, which reduces maintenance and repair costs
Application Type
  • Bridge decks
  • Parking garages
  • Marine structures
  • Containment structures
ECLIPSE® Floor 200

ECLIPSE® Floor 200 is a liquid admixture specially formulated for use in indoor slab-on-grade concrete construction that reduces drying shrinkage and curling enabling joint spacings for a standard 6 inch (150 mm) thick floor to be pushed out to 50 feet (15 m), or even beyond.

Key Benefits
  • Reduces shrinkage up to 80% at 28 days and up to 50% at 1 year or beyond
  • Reduces drying shrinkage and curling enabling joint spacing
  • Provides flatter floors with minimal defects
Application Type

Indoor slab-on-grade construction


ECLIPSE® for shrinkage in structures

ECLIPSE® 4500 is a liquid admixture formulated explicitly for use in air-entrained structures such as bridge decks, parking garages, marine structures, containment structures, and any other outdoor concrete structure that's subject to freeze-thaw conditions. ECLIPSE® 4500:

  • Reduces shrinkage, cracking and curling
  • Enables normal performance of enir-entraining admixtures
  • Can be used in ready mix, precast, and prestressed concrete as well as mortar, grout, and shotcrete 
  • Provides enhanced durability for longer usable life
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs

Controlling shrinkage and curling in floors

ECLIPSE® Floor and ECLIPSE® Floor 200 are shrinkage-reducing liquid admixtures specifically designed for use in non air-entrained concrete applications such as indoor slab-on-ground construction. ECLIPSE® Floor contains no expansive material, but acts chemically to dramatically reduce the primary internal forces that cause drying shrinkage and curling. They can help achieve: 

  • A higher value floor with less cracking due to shrinkage
  • A Flatter surface due to less curling
  • Less joint maintenance cost due to minimum joint openings
  • Longer service life of the structure due to increased durability

Worldwide technical support

Different projects need different concrete. ECLIPSE® products are compatible with the complete line of GCP admixtures, and our global technical support team can offer you advice on the perfect concrete mix design. 

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