Pallet Lub 205

Chemicals for concrete production equipment

Product Description

Pallet Lub 205 is a blend of tall oil resins and wetting agents specifically formulated to create a smooth, slippery barrier between the metal surface of the pallet and the concrete. On a pallet turning machine, the action of the turner tends to increase the effectiveness of this barrier.

Pallet Lub 205 is an extremely effective release agent for the top ring, spindle, and pallet of a pipe machine. Pallet Lub 205 is a non-flammable water-based material that eliminates the precautions required by hazardous, quick drying pallet compounds.

Directions for Use

Clean pallet well, making sure previous build-up and oils are completely removed. Apply a light coating of Pallet Lub 205 with the use of a rag or brush. Before the next application, a light pass with steel wool is helpful. Pallet Lub 205 may be diluted 1:1 with water for certain applications.

Packaging and Handling

55 U.S. gal (208 L) drums weighing 510 lbs (231 kg)

Health and Safety

All precautions defined on the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for Pallet Lub 205 must be followed. | North America customer service: 1-877-4AD-MIX (1-877-423-6491)

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