PREPRUFE® 400T Membrane

Pre-applied waterproofing membrane that bonds integrally to poured concrete for tunnel applications

Product Description

PREPRUFE® 400T membrane is a unique composite sheet comprised of a thick polyethylene film, an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive and a protective coating. Unlike conventional non-adhering tunnel membranes, which are vulnerable to water ingress tracking between the unbonded membrane and tunnel, the unique PREPRUFE® bond to concrete prevents ingress or migration of water into the structure.

The PREPRUFE® Tunnel System includes:

  • PREPRUFE® 400T—heavy duty pre-applied waterproofing membrane for drill-and-blast, bored and cut-and-cover tunneling applications
  • HYDRODUCT® Tunnel Drain—composite sheet that collects and transports water for use in drained tunnels
  • HYDRODUCT® Tunnel Mat—geotextile for surface leveling for use in non-drained tunnels
  • PREPRUFE® Tunnel Tape—6 in. tape used to seal all side laps, end laps, cut edges, roll ends, penetrations and detailing
  • PREPRUFE® Detail Tape—double-sided tape used to seal all end laps and detailing
  • BITUTHENE® Liquid Membrane—for sealing around penetrations, detailing etc.

PREPRUFE® 400T membrane is applied against a prepared substrate. Concrete is then cast directly against the adhesive side of the membrane. The specially developed PREPRUFE® adhesive layer forms a continuous and integral seal to the structure.

Product Advantages

  • Fully-adhered technology—provides an intimate seal to the structure
  • Micro-compartmentalized system—prevents lateral water migration between the waterproofing and the structure
  • Solutions for all tunnel types—used for drilland-blast, bored and cut-and-cover tunneling applications
  • Chemical resistant—effective in most types of soils and waters, protects structure from salt or sulphate attack
  • Easy to install—waterbars not necessary for compartmentalization that include complex sealing of joint

Application Procedures

Safety, Storage and Handling Information

All construction products must be handled properly. SDS (Safety Data Sheets) are available at and users should acquaint themselves with this information. Carefully read detailed precaution statements on product labels and the SDS before use.


PREPRUFE® 400T is installed by a GCP approved waterproofing applicator.

GCP provides designers and engineers with a customized solution for the most complex waterproofing challenges.

Concrete Placement

Ensure the plastic release liner is removed from all areas of PREPRUFE® Membrane and Tape. Concrete must be placed and compacted carefully to avoid damage to the membrane. Never use a sharp object to consolidate the concrete. Formwork must remain in place until the concrete has gained sufficient compressive strength for the PREPRUFE® to develop the adhesive bond.


Roll Length Custom to order
Palletization 16 Rolls per pallet
Storage Store upright in dry conditions below 95 °F (35 °C)
PREPRUFE® Tunnel Tape 6 in. wide x 49 ft. (150 mm x 15 m)
PREPRUFE® Detail Tape 2 in. wide x 50 ft. (50 mm x 15.2 m)
BITUTHENE® Liquid Membrane 1.5 US gal (5.7 liter) or 4 US gal (15.1 liter)
HYDRODUCT® Tunnel Drain 39 in. x 150 ft. (99.1 cm x 45.7 m)
HYDRODUCT® Tunnel Mat 7 ft. x 75 ft. (2.1 m x 22 m)

Physical Properties

Thickness ASTM D3767 0.066 in. (1.68 mm)
Elongation at Break SIA 280 Pass
Cold Bend Behavior SIA 280 Pass
Dimensional Stability SIA 280 Pass
Slit Pressure Resistance SIA 280 Pass
Heat Aging SIA 280 Pass
Long Term Compression and Impermeability SIA 280 Pass
Microorganisms Resistance SIA 280 Pass
Resistance Against Aggressive Liquids SIA 280 Pass
Resistance Against Asphalt DIN 16937 Pass
Crack Cycling at -10 °F (-23 °C), 100 Cycles ASTM C836 Pass
Elongation, minimum1 ASTM D412 500%
Tensile Strength, Film, minimum ASTM D412 4000 psi (27.6 MPa)
Water Absorption, maximum ASTM D570 0.50%
Peel Adhesion to Concrete, minimum2 ASTM D903 5 lbs/in. (880 N/m) width
Lap Peel Adhesion3 ASTM D1876 2.5 lbs/in. (440 N/m) width
Low Temperature Flexibility ASTM D1970 Unaffected at -10 °F (-23 °C)
Resistance to Hydrostatic Head, minimum4 ASTM D5385 231 ft (70 m)
Puncture Resistance, minimum ASTM E154 150 lbs (667N)
Permeance to Water Vapor Transmission ASTM E96 - B 0.03 PERMS

1. Test performed at a rate of 2 in. (50 mm) per minute.
2. Concrete is cast against the protective coating surface of the membrane and allowed to properly cure (7 days minimum). Peel adhesion of membrane to concrete is measured at a rate of 2 in. (50 mm) per minute at room temperature.
3. The test is conducted 15 minutes after the lap is formed (per GCP published recommendations) and run at a rate of 2 in. (50 mm) per minute.
4. Test performed by casting concrete against the membrane with a lap. Before the concrete cures, a 0.125 in. (3 mm) spacer is inserted perpendicular to the membrane to create a gap. The cured block is placed in a chamber where water is introduced to the membrane surface up to the head indicated. | North America customer service: 1-877-4AD-MIX (1-877-423-6491)

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Last Updated: 2020-01-16